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Heather Haymart Fine Art

Don't Give Up On Me

Don't Give Up On Me

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24x36 original painting
acrylic and texture paste on wood
signed, wired and ready to hang
2" deep edges painted black

Shades of charcoal gray, blue, violet, rust, white, green, with metallic copper ledges.

Sometimes creating a painting takes all of my confidence. In the first stage I jump in with both feet - letting colors and textures fly. Then I come out of that first creative trance to step back and see how it went. this is a tricky time. Sometimes I know that it all went well has great promise and I jump right back in to finish. Other times I get insecure and lose my ability to move forward. This is a time when I feel utterly raw and exposed. I may choose to scrape it and start over. I amy choose to stop and come back later. This one and I stuck together. I felt encouraged by the painting to keep going. "Don't give up on me" it said. So glad I listened.

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