Custom Art

Do you need something specific for the space you have in mind? I can create custom original art for you in almost any size. I can also help you with customized prints as well.
I work with Individuals, designers and art consultants.

  • Custom or Commissioned Art is original art that I create to your specifications in the event that you cannot find exactly what you need on my website. Pricing varies depending on each project.

    Designers and Art Consultants please CONTACT ME

    How to get your Commissioned Painting Created:

    • Measure the space where you would like to display this artwork.
    • Look through my art and pick three of your favorite paintings and write down the titles.
    • Tell me what you liked about these paintings, so I make sure and include the elements you are drawn to i.e. color, texture, design element, meaning.
    • Tell me about your color palette preference. (list the colors you like best in my paintings or in general, you can even send me pictures or give me color swatches/paint chips to match your decor)
    • Once you have shared all the details of your project with me, I will provide an estimated cost for the painting(s) and shipping costs if needed. (We can do this through e-mail, or we can discuss the details over the phone; your preference, unless I feel I need more information to create your piece of art.)
    • I will provide a timeline and estimated date of completion.
    • If you decide to have me create your commissioned piece, I will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable) at the beginning of the project and the balance plus shipping and sales tax will be due at the end of the project upon approval by you. (I will provide a digital photo through e-mail.) The painting(s) will be shipped after the balance is paid in full.
    • Ultimately, I want you to be happy with your painting(s). I love to make paintings, so I am already winning, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to create something beautiful that you can love in your home for years to come.  Thank you for considering giving me the opportunity to make a  piece of art for you.

    How to Get your Custom Print Created:

    • My art is available in many sizes on many different surfaces in my Art Prints Shop, so first browse the shop and see if what you need is already available.
    • If not, I can offer larger sizes and different aspect ratios if needed.
    • Choose the art you like.
    • Choose the surface you would like it printed on.
    • Contact me for an estimate.
    • I will order your custom print, send you an invoice and have it shipped directly to you.