Portrait of Heather Haymart

Hi, I'm Heather. Like most creatives, I started creating when I was very young. My very first influences were the people who raised me. There has been a creative thread weaving through our family for decades.

I decided to be come an artist when I was a freshman at Mizzou (University of Missouri - Columbia). I graduated with a BFA and BSed which means I took almost every art class I could get my hands on and became an art teacher as my "back-up".

Through teaching, I learned that I was meant to be an artist. I will always credit my amazing students with giving me the artistic bootcamp that helped me become a professional artist.

As I raised my children, I built a successful mural business and eventually followed my dream of creating paintings for a living. Over twenty years later, here I am, proud of my accomplishments and still inspired every day.

It is one of the great joys of my life to get to create beautiful things that people want to own.